What is similar to an arc trainer

Elliptical Marie Mulrooney. And for people with stress injuries like Achilles tendonitis, elliptical workouts are an obvious choice because the machine is very low impact.

what is similar to an arc trainer

Treadmills are not fun, not quite the same as running, and not too friendly on your joints. Choosing Chin-up Bars for Home. Just click play!

Arc Trainer vs. Elliptical

The Arc Trainer is a cardio machine similar to an elliptical, but the motion is slightly different — the foot pedals travel along an arc hence the name. Capacity and Size.

what is similar to an arc trainer

Yes, Planet Fitness has Cybex arc trainers! Correct Way to Use a Figure Twister.

Better Than Treadmills and Ellipticals? Or Just Hype? Examining the Arc Trainer.

Equipment experts share their favorite low-impact gym equipment options, and explain some of the major differences in available fitness solutions designed to provide weight-bearing cardio workout alternatives. Keep having fun on the arc trainer! After injuring my Achilles tendon over a year ago, I had to give up running.

what is similar to an arc trainer

These pedals move around elliptical paths hence the name of the machine. It was difficult, but I was able to find other forms of exercise that worked for me, including yoga and training on elliptical machines. Arc trainers come with a 10-year frame warranty, a three- to five-year parts warranty and one year of labor coverage.

Low Impact Workouts: The Real Story

A small study conducted by the kinesiology staff at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte indicates that working out at the same intensity level consistently feels easier on the arc trainer than on an elliptical trainer. By comparison, I get off the Cybex in a better mood, feeling lighter and invigorated. Jumping Rope Benefits.

what is similar to an arc trainer

On an elliptical machine, you have to contort your body into moving along an ellipse. This provides weight bearing, but non-impact, exercise. You can adjust the incline, resistance, and stride rate.