What are nhl scouts looking for

7 Things Coaches and Scouts Love (that you’re probably not doing)

This is arguably the most important detail on the list. Does he get down on himself after he makes a mistake? Related posts: Thank you for spelling it out, I hope those with the desire to play beyond Midget hockey take your words of wisdom to heart. Myre is now the head U. Gregory was driving and Ryan sat in the back seat. We do tend to look for bigger goalies now, but also someone who is fairly athletic. Deployment is big.

what are nhl scouts looking for

Parker Fournier Posted at 22: Work ethic, intensity, passion to succeed are all intangibles that separate players from one another. Gregory and Ryan each thought the fight between Patrick and Regina forward Austin Wagner Los Angeles Kings late in the second period was a spirited confrontation.

Character is incredibly important in hockey because your attitude is part of the foundation that the entire team stands on.

How to be an NHL scout: What to look for, what matters & what doesn’t

It's a formula that has worked for me. Still not a big number. We want confidence, not cockiness. When Gregory and Ryan reached the scouts room two hours before puck drop at Westman Place in Brandon on March 5, each took a seat at a long table, removed a notepad from his case and began jotting down lineups for the game.

Players that can nail down these 7 things—or at least a few of them—can be tremendous assets to any team.

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The major difference is that the numbers have become a lot more sophisticated. It's worthwhile to have a system that you can use to support your own findings on a player, or that you can use to go back and re-think some of the information you gathered if the data is telling a different story about a guy. Matt Larkin is a senior writer at The Hockey News and has been part of the team since 2011.

what are nhl scouts looking for

Less than 30 minutes later, an updated itinerary was arranged consisting of a two-hour flight from Regina to Vancouver, followed by a 142-mile, three-hour drive to Seattle. Most Read: Username or Email.

The modern age of hockey scouting

Scouts have a much better idea of who those kids are physically. The pieces fit together to sketch a player this scout and his NHL franchise wanted no part of. Care to elaborate?

what are nhl scouts looking for

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