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Moreover, the effect of training on the N140 component of the somatosensory event-related potentials was evaluated in patients suffering from first-ever stroke in the Sylvian area.

On the other hand, on the basis of the scientific evidence, functional electric stimulation of the peroneus may be also be proposed in order: Time and effort from all the members are needed in order to create an effective team, to build a working relationship and to foster a productive and positive atmosphere.

In a group with hemiplegia lasting less than 6 weeks, Francisco et al. Current rehabilitation approaches in PD consist of exercises not specifically aimed at overcoming PI. We examined 7 stroke patients presenting with ipsilateral pushing at least 3 weeks after onset of the disease. Rossi a , S. At the end of training, the Six-minute Walk Test 6MWT was performed, during which the Vmax ST system by Sensormedics was used to record energy cost and other respiratory parameters in patients wearing orthoses and in patients in wheelchairs.

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Therefore, the body is organised to withstand not only gravity but also contact forces. Lacquaniti, M. University of Milan, Italy. Consequently, methodological instruments and outcomes of rehabilitative intervention are not easy to define as they vary in continuation according to the progression of symptoms.

This hypothesis is reinforced by the fact that locomotor recovery does not transfer to untrained tasks. Department of Neuroscience, University of Pisa, Italy. The protocol consists of an incremental exercise performed on a treadmill. All the professionals involved in the rehabilitative process have in common a specific training in rehabilitation, a professional profile that identifies them and determines their competencies, their areas of autonomy and responsibility, and a deontological code to which they must adhere.

The Rd is studied in the same way as the Rim. Bongioanni a , C.

Lagalla, M. Robbiani, S. It is up to the rehabilitative team to make organisational decisions, to make general choices relating to the therapeutic intervention and to assess the performance of its own members. Maugeri Foundation, Pavia, Italy. Reduction of self-care difficulties could be possible using BTX-A injections in patients with severe upper limb or adductor spasticity.

Quantitative indicators of such changes are estimates of the conduction velocity CV , the median frequency of power spectrum MDF and amplitude variables such as the average rectified value ARV. This objective tool allows us to monitor improvement of oxidative efficiency by aerobic training in diseases with a metabolic genesis of the muscular fatigue phenomenon, such as mithochondrial myopathy and probably also inflammatory myopathies.