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Subscribe to The Boston Globe today. Sign up for more newsletters here. Real journalism. The exchange between the defense attorneys and Brown, who first took the stand on Monday, has been acrimonious as lawyers have tried to suggest that the police investigation was not thorough.

Jury sees horrific photos of massacre

Most Popular in metro Right Arrow. As in the first trial, prosecutors relied heavily on the testimony of Kimani Washington, a 37-year-old career criminal who admitted to playing a role in the armed robbery, but said he left before the shootings took place.

McEvoy told jurors they should expect to begin deliberating Tuesday. Real journalism. In light of these horrible facts, silence is not a moral option. Before the trial began, defense attorneys had asked for a dismissal of the case, arguing that the videos provided potentially exculpatory evidence, but Judge Christine McEvoy disagreed and denied the motion.

Wondering where to find the best breweries in town? Their lawyers have told jurors the wrong men are on trial. School Closings. Brown had bristled under defense questioning Wednesday when the defense challenged his memory of aspects of the investigation.

Mattapan Murders

The 10 top local news stories from metro Boston and around New England delivered daily. Loading comments... Loading comments... Police from district B-3 who responded found three men and a woman lying in the street. AP photo by Josh Reynolds. In what was probably the last full day of testimony Friday, a man who lived across the street from the scene of the killings on Woolson Street described waking up and seeing from his bedroom window a dreadlocked man in a baseball cap, the first such disclosure in the trial.

User menu About us Advertising Print issue. Cunha described another camera that showed an SUV about a mile from Woolson Street several minutes after the shooting. Boston is a safer place. The recordings are stored by a private company that erases them after 30 days. Phantom Gourmet: Thank you for signing up!