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Cisco MSE Virtual Appliance Installation and Configuration Guide, Release 8.0

Note If you do not set the root password, a warning message is displayed when you apply the settings. Step 15 Log in and configure the MSE to automatically launch after boot up. For other services, you must use the same time zone as the controllers.

Step 3 Edit the memory allocation and ensure that proper resources are assigned. Note If you do not set the password, a warning message appears when you apply the settings.

Step 14 Verify the setup information and apply the changes: Related Cisco Community Discussions. Step 8 Configure eth0 network settings Please enter your choice [1 - 24]: Step 6 Configure the MSE. Figure 3-7 Ready to Complete Window. Note When you use Firefox to log in and access Prime Infrastructure for the first time, the Firefox web browser displays a warning stating that the site is untrustable. Note If you skip configuring the tracking parameters, the default values are selected.

This OVA is configured by default for the standard appliance. After the virtual machine successfully starts, the status column for the task shows Completed. When items are synchronized, a green two-arrow icon appears in the Sync. Version number Download size Size on disk — Thin provision for the amount of disk space consumed by the virtual appliance immediately after deployment.

If you want to specify a filter rule, choose All from the Show drop-down list before you click. Password—The default password is admin. NTP is currently disabled. Step 17 Roboot using the following command:. The default username and password are both admin. Enter a Host name [mse]: Skipping a parameter will leave it unchanged from its current value. You can use the latest version of vSphere Client to manage the small deployments. Choose one of the thick provision types if you have enough storage capacity as required by the virtual appliance and want to set a specific allocation of space for the virtual disk.

The following is displayed:. After you have completed the step-by-step template, you can review all of the information that you provided, make any corrections, and then deploy the OVA.