How to use i sure pregnancy test

10 Home Pregnancy Tests (and How to Use Them)

Safety and Risks. How do you know the test is working properly? However, the results will be accurate if you perform the test on the missed day of your menses. Login with Facebook. Not Helpful 0 Helpful 7. Finally, check the results on the stick's display screen to find out whether or not you're pregnant.

Pregnancy Test Strip Instructions

What it is: We may also share information with our advertising partners. A line will not show up if the test does not detect hCG — so even the faintest line means that the test has picked up on hCG in your pee.

The test strip should be taken out of the cover only before the test. It is, in fact, advisable to wait a couple of days to a week after missing your period, before you perform the test. You should perform the test on or after the first day of missed periods.

how to use i sure pregnancy test

Time for the next step... Use a stopwatch to help you time it, if necessary.

Tests Used to Confirm Pregnancy

If your period does not start within a week, repeat the test. Discount pregnancy tests can detect high levels of hCG with the same accuracy as expensive early detection pregnancy tests.

how to use i sure pregnancy test

The results will be more accurate and reliable after one week of missed period because hCG levels increase rapidly during early pregnancy, almost doubling every two to three days. A line, even a faint one, in the left test window means you're pregnant; the lack of a line means you're not.

A color change in the window or the urine in the test may change color.

how to use i sure pregnancy test

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how to use i sure pregnancy test

Get results in 3 minutes. That lonely line that means negative isn't there just to tease you. The words pregnant or not pregnant. Blood test results can take more than a week, and sometimes two, to be delivered.