How to make gun silencer suppressor

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How does a gun silencer work?

The distance can vary. Measure the diameter of the paintball gun's barrel. Just measure out until you've found the 12-inch mark, and mark it with a pencil. To do this, simply place one end of the measuring tape on the end of the barrel and measure straight up along the widest part of the circular barrel.

how to make gun silencer suppressor

Use a drill-bit of size appropriate to the size of your projectiles. If not, you can use thick cardboard or another sturdy material.

how to make gun silencer suppressor

You can use a hand drill, but a drill press is preferable. Hiram P. Share yours! Many high-powered loads travel at supersonic speeds.

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how to make gun silencer suppressor

Improved Situational Awareness Improved Situational Awareness By not needing hearing protection, a shooter can more easily have conversations and maintain situational awareness. The suppressor's barrel should always be 2 inches 5.

how to make gun silencer suppressor

Use measuring tape to evenly measure the holes, and make sure to keep the line straight. What would happen if you fired a gun on a train moving as fast as a bullet?

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Guns and Shooting In other languages: Upload error. Unanswered Questions. What Are The Benefits Silencers make every aspect of the shooting experience more enjoyable Hearing Protection Hearing Protection Silencers reduce sound levels by 30 dB on average; equivalent to standard hearing protection. The tighter the screw is, the tighter the hold is to the barrel. Generally, you want to have it on far enough that it will remain centered.

When the bullet exits the end of the barrel, it is like uncorking a bottle.

The silencer can remove the "uncorking" sound, but not the sound of the bullet's flight. If you have a jigsaw or scroll saw, you can make end caps from a piece of wood.

how to make gun silencer suppressor

Cookies make wikiHow better. Individuals, corporations, and trusts can legally purchase and possess silencers in most states see map above , while FFL dealers, manufacturers, peace officers, or members of law enforcement agencies or other government agencies may own in additional states. Not Helpful 2 Helpful 6.