How high should my kitchen backsplash be

Really is a nice color combination. Our kitchen is part of a very open floor plan, so our kitchen wall, with a large, gorgeous window, ends and the wall turns to the dining room.

how high should my kitchen backsplash be

Backsplash designs don't have to be set in stone; glass, mirror and mosaic tiles can create kitchen beauty in a range of styles.

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One of my favorite decisions in my kitchen makeover — all the way to the top! Mapei Flexcolor in Rain?

how high should my kitchen backsplash be

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How high should tile backsplash go in my kitchen?

If you plan to order your own tile from a supplier, be sure to ask about these important components, suggests Stephen Kahn, president of Anchor Bay Tile in Phoenix, Ariz. What to do?

How to Install a Simple Tile Backsplash

It is about 11. That will give u much more options for backsplash. Just wondering if you have ever seen that done. I love the look of the backsplash to the top!

Kitchen Backsplash Tile: How High to Go?

This is the place to play up pattern. Twitter Facebook Pinterest Instagram. All of those tiles are quite busy and will accentuate the change in height on the windows. I am trying to decide on whether I should tile around window and up to ceiling.

how high should my kitchen backsplash be

Like krysmays says, small tile [eta: Why is this backsplash so common? This full height backsplash uses approximately 30 square feet of tile, which is quite a minimal amount of materials and cost in order to attain a much higher end look than using a 4 inch tall backsplash. But do a low profile trim around the rest of the counter, not to the bottom of the cabinets.