How do drop bears attack tourists

Avid hunters, they make quick work of their prey by diving from trees and attacking at the neck for a quick kill.

how do drop bears attack tourists

Koalas are cute and cuddly, right? Koala shares spotlight with butterfly, teaches us lesson on how to deal with fame.

how do drop bears attack tourists

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Two drop bears battle it out!

Most visitors to Australia are familiar with the cute Koala Bear. Otherwise, just use your email address and reservation number to login.

how do drop bears attack tourists

See All Australia Conversations. Destination Expert for Hobart, Tasmania. Around the size of a leopard or very large dog with coarse orange fur with some darker mottled patterning as seen in most Koalas.


You'll be hearing from us soon. Tourists have confused adolescent Drop Bears for koalas and suffered viscous attacks, so be on your guard and never approach an animal in the wild. Found in southeastern Australia, the Drop Bear Thylarctos plummetus is an arboreal marsupial related to the koala. After six months in the pouch, the joey is gradually weaned from milk. We also aim to educate all our guests about the simple and effective Drop Bear repellents readily available to prevent dangerous attacks by these rare yet dangerous creatures.

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Are Drop Bears dangerous? Cascade Garden Apartments. This is the definitive advice website: A-Frame Chalets at Mokutu.

how do drop bears attack tourists

It is widely assumed that Drop Bears start out as Koalas and become infected by a disease similar to rabies. However, the beasts are so elusive, no specimen has ever been captured, alive or dead.