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This site has helped me personally, and helped me help others. Could you give us some insight on this album and on its picture disc edition? AbSurd 08.

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Awol was always really a loner, even though everyone knew him. Facebook Twitter.

existereo i love who i thought

The four shows that I've done in France were great. But the new album, "The Shapeshifters Were Here" and the "Soul Lows 2" are really great in my opinion, I'm really happy with what the group is doing. Do you have anything in the works? Top 2008.

I wanted to accomplish just really solidifying an album that kind of captured what I had been doing for the last eight years of my life and who I had been working with. Metfly is busy with his thing, I'm busy with my thing, one day we'll do an EP again, but right now we got so many other things to focus on. But once we were in the group we realized—we went to school together!

existereo i love who i thought

The last thing we did together was for a comp out of Texas. Everybody is trying to evolve now—you and a DJ can only do so much. When you do graffiti like CBS does graffiti, it doesn't just go away.

existereo i love who i thought

The public was incredible in all the places. What about your and the Shape Shifters' other current projects?

existereo i love who i thought

Like a blood fart. Then at the dance-a-thon, we picked up these crazy wild street chicks with like a wolf with them—it was next to me in the car licking my face! Do you have any idea about why ' Four Way Window Pain' is such an efficient track?

Recherche Vous recherchez quelque chose en particulier? And feel free to subscribe to my free newsletter. It was at a video store with monitors filming everybody—that show was crazy. I'll always owe them, I know I wouldn't be doing this if it wasn't for them. He will have a new solo album coming out as well.