Erivan yogurt whole foods

erivan yogurt whole foods

Commercial US yoghurt sounds very dull. Live bacteria are required in Europe, but not in the United States, although almost all yogurts in the refrigerator case contain live cultures anyway, and their presence is usually stated on the label.

Yogurt may also stimulate the body's immune system.

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Unfortunately, as more is added to make it sweet the more the number of calories yogurt contains. My curiosity led me eventually to visit their modest facilities in a small town about 15 miles north of Philadelphia on a searingly hot day last April.

erivan yogurt whole foods

Events Guide Television Theater Video: It is the bacteria that give yogurt its beneficial properties. Plain nonfat yogurt is less tart than low-fat or whole-milk yogurt because of the large quantity of very mild nonfat milk solids that must be added to take the place of the fat. The bacteria bacilli that turn the milk into yogurt also turn the lactose into lactase, which helps lactose-intolerant people eat this milk product without the usual discomfort.

Most of the commercial yoghurts here proudly display which bacteria strains they include in their brand.

EATING WELL; Does 'Yogurt' On the Label Make It So?

Lactase, an enzyme, is necessary for the breakdown of lactose into simpler, more digestible sugars. She is a musician who transitioned into journalism while living in the Caucasus for several years. In 2010, after 81 years on the market, General Mills announced it was halting production of Colombo Yogurt altogether. Occasionally the digitization process introduces transcription errors or other problems.

Very plain unflavoured and unsweetened yoghurts of Greek style are popular here.

erivan yogurt whole foods

You are commenting using your Twitter account. I live in NZ which is a big dairy producer.

erivan yogurt whole foods

Her work has appeared in Smithsonian. Search for: For reference, where the American version of this Caucasian dish is thick, madzoon is watery.

Meet the Family Making Yogurt with a Healthy Serving of Armenian Culture

But the bacteria must be alive to be of any benefit. Except for frozen yogurt, for which the National Yogurt Association says no health claims are being made because no studies have been done, these are among yogurt's beneficial properties: I started cooking when I was about 6, it's something I always loved to do.

But even the dessert-like yogurts provide more benefits than a scoop of ice cream. One way for yogurt makers to reduce the calories and retain the appealing sweetness was to reduce the amount of butterfat.

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