Discovery 2 transmission noise when hot

I second checking the front propshaft, its a common failure.... Reply With Quote. I researched for a few days and found a few good write-ups on it and went for it.

My 2004 Land Rover Discovery II is making knocking noises

I guarantee you you will hAv new problem appear nearly every day with this vehicle. Making Lemonade since 2016. Featured Sponsors Vendor Directory. TD5 Disco auto box woes Is the gear symbol and sport symbol flashing on the dashboard??

Im pulling the oil pan and crank case this weekend to replace timing chain, oil pump, gaskets, etc and to check the bearings.

Ticking Noise After Warmed Up

I've now got the Disco back and what a difference! Heard horror stories about multi-tronic Audis that have done big miles, I guess you can't have a gearbox that works so hard and never wears out.

So if in another 10k it hasn't stopped and you have the pleasure of doing head gaskets you can dig deeper then.

discovery 2 transmission noise when hot

Can't recommend the guys at Ritters Craig in particular highly enough. Cheers PT.

discovery 2 transmission noise when hot

British engineering is the worst. In many cases, it goes away when revved up, as the sleeve can't keep up with the speed of the piston. It only seems to occur when coasting, and would be best described as a "rubbing" noise.

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I bought it with a busted transmission that came from the previous owner driving it until the front propeller shaft broke. Originally Posted by Cowabunga.

discovery 2 transmission noise when hot

Do it. Welcome to the ticking club... Any help would be greatly appreciated. I tried couple more times and the effect is the same, ticking stops immediately upon release of the apparent pressure when the oil cap is removed. Tried pulling 1 plug at a time to see if the noise stopped but the engine drops in idle when a plug is out and makes so much noise I couldnt detect if the ticking had stopped.

discovery 2 transmission noise when hot

If you remove it all together you can drive it still if your model is a manual diff lock vehicle. Would a slipped sleeve tick go away when the engine is revved?