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We also learn about an early jilted romance and Bartok's first marriage. With my productivity slowing and the list of composers expanding, this could take decades.

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Enlarge this image. The Miraculous Mandarin This one-act pantomime, telling the tale of a prostitute and her wealthy client, was premiered in Cologne in 1926 and immediately banned. I had precisely two Bartok discs in my record collection: I trust you are in for the long run.

Together with fellow composer Zoltan Kodaly, Bartok recorded, notated and collected thousands of original tunes, ultimately preserving an entire culture. Next up: He has been leader of the Hungarian Radio Symphony Orchestra since 2014.

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Similar programmes By genre: Delving so deeply into Bartok's music represented one of the highlights of my musical career. The angry scales played by the violins and the spitting woodwinds immediately send us to a foreign and frightening place. She regularly gives concerts in Hungary and Europe. The delay is in part a reflection of indolence, but also of indecision - how best to proceed.

Violin concertos 1 and 2 No 1 is early, luscious, a throwback to the romanticism from which Bartok was emerging and a portrait of Stefi Geyer, a young violinist about whom he felt passionately.

I was having a conversation about this series of blog posts with a friend recently, and said I intended to cover 70-odd composers I think 73 was the peculiar number I came up with - my charmed circle of greatness. Tatiana Troyanos.

Bela Bartok: Finding a Voice Through Folk Music

In the same year, he and four fellow students formed the chamber music-playing Weiner Ensemble, and they have drawn attention to themselves because of their unusual instrumental line-up and quirky choice of programmes: I did, but Bluebeard's Castle - a grisly one-act opera written in 1911 about a king who murders his wives - is hard to love.

Beset by financial worries and dying of leukaemia, he was still able to produce this searching piece for solo violin, modelled on Bach. Their remarkable achievements have been rewarded on multiple occasions, for instance, they received the Hungaroton Prize in 2001.

There's a weird dance and a chase scene before they try to kill him. In the more than 70 years since, the orchestra have taken part in countless concert tours, for instance to Great Britain, North America, Japan and Taiwan. Programmatic and personal, it stands as a heroic affirmation of spirit in the face of illness, exile and war. The now world-renowned group were established by final-year students of the Liszt Academy in 1963.