Whole beef shank for sale

Soup Bones, Shank

Was this review helpful? From here you've got a lot of choices for cooking and flavour, you could roast, braise, smoke, stew this joint. You'll need a big dish suitable for the oven and with a lid to braise the shank. I removed any obvious pieces of fat, connective tissue and sinew with a sharp knife.

Review title: Existing reviews. At this stage pulling with two forks is what I've done.

Beef Osso Buco (beef shanks) - 1.5 lbs

This is a strong, weight baring bone that is thick and surrounded by hard-working tough muscle. Either way I'm talking about a forequarter leg bone, the steer's humerus. Here's what you'll need:. Beef Osso Buco beef shanks - 1.

whole beef shank for sale

Many recipes will call for french style braising with stock or red wine. Saute' these in some oil.

whole beef shank for sale

Only registered users can write reviews. It took a couple of minutes each side to seal it up nice and brown.

Review text: Thanks for signing up! Rub a tablespoon of Chinese 5 spice into the meat and pour over the braising stock. The meat was very tastey slow cooked. We recommend freezing for long term storage.

whole beef shank for sale

Beef shank or whole beef shin is not a cut sold by most butchers. Suggested products. Description Recipes Storage Shipping Reviews.