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It was first time wed gotten to see our enemy and he was quite a sight! Please read the full commenting rules before posting. I asked and he responded that it was 11: I continued on, breathing heavily and ended with a time of 13 minutes and about 40 seconds.

The mission was the U. Patsy Dietz searched the Internet for video of Danny's body taken by the Taliban and posted on anti-American Web sites. No one could doubt that whatsoever and it was quickly apparent that Dillon was strong young man with heart! We had flashlights attached to the end of our guns and every enemy we came upon was instantly spotlighted. By Joey Bunch jbunch denverpost.

who did patsy dietz marry the night

It was decided that boat crew 1, Dougs boat crew, would be the first in the water because they had won the most boat races during the night. Hes a badass! We all rubbed hand-fulls of mud on ourselves and each other, making sure no place was left clean.

Patsy Dietz, a buoyant young woman, talked with him about dogs and Navy life. She laughed as her husband of two years bantered with his friends before the battle.

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July 14, 2005 at 5: What he just did there. The SEALs detained the herders briefly, then released them. We were told that Dillon was going to pick out the person with the worst cammo and the best cammo.

who did patsy dietz marry the night

Close 1 of 3. His best friend urged him to wait.

who did patsy dietz marry the night

As we came to the end of our stretching, the instructors started heading over, each one in cammo. Each instructor said a little something to the group.

My God I thought to myself. We all mumbled different answers, not sure exactly what would be the right answer. Freshly soaked from Dillon coming by with the hose, Instructor Chris called both boat crews over to him and told us to spread out. The pilot flew all over the place, making last minute turns around trees and dipping up and down.

She said. Dietz, 25, was killed in a firefight with al-Qaeda guerrillas on a mountainside in Afghanistan on June 28.