Where the eastern cougar live

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where the eastern cougar live

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The Eastern Cougar Is Declared Extinct After Not Being Seen For 80 Years

No current reintroduction plans are in place, except for Florida, where cougars from Texas have been introduced as a possible way to boost population numbers and diversity for the Florida panther subspecies. PennLive has investigated many reports of mountain lions, and other mystery creatures, and has found no confirming evidence, including in a reported Berks County sighting on January 8.

When you see the name "panther" "painter", "catamount" and other cougar synonyms attached to creeks, mountain peaks, gaps, and other features of our topography, it is a testament to the fact that this large predator was not only once here in South Carolina and the eastern US, but that its presence impressed people enough to name a place after it.

Mark Steel. Can a large predator like a cougar successfully live in the small pockets of forest remaining in the crowded northeast?

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This Isn’t the End of the Eastern Cougar

Money Deals. Its website says cougars have been gone from the state since the late nineteenth century.

where the eastern cougar live

In South Carolina it is thought that the cougars occurring here were of both the eastern race Felis concolor cougar and the Florida race Felis concolor coryi.

Industry Habitats. Cougars - along with their cousins panthers and pumas - were once the most widely distributed land mammal in the western hemisphere, but have been driven out from two-thirds of land that they once occupied, wildlife biologists have said. Share on Twitter. I first heard it and then I saw it pacing the tree line behind my house. You can find our Community Guidelines in full here.

where the eastern cougar live

It's thought the last one was probably shot by hunters in Maine in 1938. SCWF News. Critically endangered species Show all 10. Due to the sheer scale of this comment community, we are not able to give each post the same level of attention, but we have preserved this area in the interests of open debate.

The agency acknowledges that modern research, including DNA analysis, has cast considerable doubt on the earlier taxonomy. Eastern cougar ruled extinct by feds. In the 80 years since the last confirmed sighting of an eastern cougar, there have been some who say they have seen them.

Eastern mountain lion officially declared extinct

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