What to feed a pot belly pig

Give your pig one children's complete chew-able vitamin daily. Be sure to keep the supply fresh and let them eat as much as they want. Farm Animals. Pigs should also be allowed the opportunity to root in soil and graze on grass not treated with chemicals or fertilizer. This Mount Dora, FL supplier can be reached at 352-589-1702, www.

what to feed a pot belly pig

If you think your pet may have ingested a potentially poisonous substance, call 888. If your pet starts to get fat that starts to interfere with its eyesight you know its time for a diet.

what to feed a pot belly pig

Your pig does not have to be kept indoors all the time. Do not give into begging or your pig is likely to become a pest and beg constantly. Provide clean water for your potbelly pig.

what to feed a pot belly pig

Pot-bellied pigs can be very clean and intelligent animals, especially if they are brought up to be clean from birth. Click to attach a photo related to your comment. Rooting in the dirt is also a source of minerals such as iron and selenium for your pig. We bed our pigs with timothy hay, which can also be a nice snack.


Salt should be banned: Brought to you by Cuteness. If your pigs are anything like mine they will let you know if the mixture is not right! Treatments for external parasites and internal parasites are also variable, depending on the type of housing and problems previously encountered.

what to feed a pot belly pig

It is also possible to be misled by unscrupulous breeders who breed pigs before they are fully mature and at full weight, claiming the offspring will be the parents' size at maturity. We recommend a low protein, low calorie diet for adult and geriatric pot belly pigs. Having your pet treated by a veterinarian who specializes in pot-bellied pigs will help keep its diet and weight on track. Rolling around in the mud hole cools them off by covering them in cool mud.

what to feed a pot belly pig

If you live in an area with soil deficient in selenium you may need a mineral supplement. Housetraining a pig to eliminate outside is similar to that for training a puppy; use rewards.


To help them keep cool during those hot summer days you will need either a kiddy pool those cheap plastic ones they sell every spring do fine, but only last about one season or a nice mud hole. Ideally, a food formulated specifically for pot-bellied pigs or mini pigs should be fed. Such damage can cause permanent residual problems, such as arthritis, even after the extra weight has been shed.

Male pigs should be castrated at an early age.