What is one direction day november 23

We want you to create a theme tune for 1D Day! Whatever your idea — we want to hear it!

Attention: November 23rd Is ‘One Direction Day’

This challenge [6] was reopened at the end of week 3 becuase of its popularity and the high number of good entries after the closing date. Handy tips to catch our eye: Whether you find an animal, vegetable or mineral that bears an uncanny resemblance to the guys - take a picture and show us!

what is one direction day november 23

The show was live and the boys were in pairs hosting different hours each. A couple of weeks ago we closed the One Big Invention challenge.

Everything You Need To Know About 1D Day!

YES — this one is for you budding composers, producers and musicians. The challenge [5] was to "invent a new One Direction product" for the boys or for the fans.

what is one direction day november 23

Or perhaps something for 1D fans to enjoy? The live stream would also feature "exclusive behind the scenes footage" of the band, "brand new album tracks" would be heard, "world record attempts" would be made, and many more special guests would appear.

what is one direction day november 23

Whether you use people, pets, toys, food, animation or anything else - Remember…. Send your art to 1DDay onedirectionmusic.

what is one direction day november 23

The pairings for each hour were as follows:. Retrieved from " https: It was confirmed the show would be "seven hours long, live and "just us". The challenge was to send in images of one direction lookalikes on anything such as vegetables to animals.

Tracks will be approved to show in the group, so please be patient for yours to appear.

One Direction - Little Things - 1DDay November 23rd 2013 - Harry sings ''His Little Things''

And the good news is - if you sent your idea after the 9th October it still counts! Something to improve their time on the tour bus?

what is one direction day november 23