What is latex default font

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Font typefaces

Many Unix systems make use of the poppler tool set which features pdfinfo to list PDF metadata, and pdffonts to list embedded fonts. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Why was the particular Computer Modern font chosen? It would be a simple task to modify it to write tables instead of matrices. Then one can maybe answer why the default values are how they are.

what is latex default font

Small Capitals. Perhaps you can tell me why the letter "t" looks so weird in Didot? Note that different fonts support different output encodings. The standard point size used in most modern computer programs known as the desktop publishing point or PostScript point has 1 pt equal to approximately 0.

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what is latex default font

You may have noticed the absence of underline - this is because underlining is a byproduct of the typewriter era, and is not recommended when bold and italic type is available instead.

Knuth also provided the cm fonts. Useful resources for latex and pdflatex font configuration include:.

Font sizes, families, and styles

Whether you are just getting started with LaTeX and wondering what the fuss is about, here to share the clever trick you've discovered, or need urgent help with your bibliography, welcome to the LaTeX subreddit! It may also be used in place of italics when using sans-serif typefaces to provide a greater contrast with unemphasized text. Good work representing for latex!

what is latex default font

With using macros you can create own styles, today named document class. It's not LaTeX's fault that letter and A4 are poor page sizes for good typesetting.

Since some of the standard classes see below use the article.


Theese document class defines the general layout, the style if you want. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. In the likely case that this is not your intent, use the normalem option, i.