What episode do tokiko and kazuki kiss

SenChen Offline Joined: When Jinnai attempts to devour her to heal his wounds, Tokiko has a flashback of the Homunculi who attacked and ate her school friends in the past.

what episode do tokiko and kazuki kiss

They pass by Captain Bravo who tells them not to run in the halls and tells them that the hospital has connections with headquarters so they have a little freedom there. InfiniteDestiny Offline Joined: Shusui keeps his promise and tells them about their desire to become humanoid homunculi so that they can live together for eternity, they recite pretend wedding vows from the wedding game when they were kids while telling them of their tragic past.

She later agrees to train Kazuki and tells him her name.

what episode do tokiko and kazuki kiss

Even Papillion had shown up and was wearing a fabulous, at least in his opinion, suit. Later that evening Bravo tells her and Kazuki that he is going back to his headquarters to get to the bottom of the incident, before praising them for accomplishing their mission.

RyuRobin Offline Joined: Kazuki offers to spar with her brother leading Tokiko to voice her concern over his lack of energy, however Kazuki goes ahead regardless.

Tokiko Tsumura. I know they kiss in espisode 23.

what episode do tokiko and kazuki kiss

This article is incomplete: While Tokiko is watching the news on TV the news reporter is interrupted by Mahiro and Kazuki's friends, she goes to see Kazuki but is shocked to see that he is on TV as well. Coming up to his house he made up his mind to call Tokiko for the 30th time that day in hopes of reaching her. Why the hell is there a butterfly on Chouno's...

Tokiko Tsumura

You must think I'm a fat sow who only wants food. Keen Intellect: Aug 2012 Posts: Merge this question into. Butterfly has gone to Ginsei High. She quickly finds Jinnai and slashes him through the arm before he can react.

Busou Renkin Episode 23 Discussion

Story Author. She is also an extremely fast fighter, able to dodge most attacks and strike back with deadly accuracy. All the people in her school were killed or eaten by the Homunculi apart from herself, leaving her as the only survivor and was eventually found by Mamoru Sakimori. She started singing Happy Birthday to Kazuki in her dulcet tones and when she had finished she was right in front of him.

Kazuki states that he couldn't save Chouno but this time he has to save the twins. Butterfly and formed the L.

what episode do tokiko and kazuki kiss