The howling 1981 imdb walking

Dee Wallace: Karen White

He then adds they can only be killed with silver bullets, which is another Hollywood myth. Erle Kenton.

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Sayles also has a hilarious cameo as a talkative morgue attendant. Hundreds of years later an isolated group of people discover his head buried on their property. Crazy Credits.

the howling 1981 imdb walking

That's the magic of Rob Bottin's effects. Also, there seems to be a bizarre connection between Eddie Quist Robert Picardo and this supposedly safe haven.

Belinda Balaski: Terry Fisher

Himself Robert Picardo... I thought werewolves could only transform during a full moon? They love who they are and aren't trying to fit in.

Most of all, The Howling accomplishes its goal by creating a good suspense atmosphere in which a legend told so many times is given a surprisingly new treatment in Hollywood standards.

the howling 1981 imdb walking

Metacritic Reviews. Pig Creature Jon-Paul Gates...

the howling 1981 imdb walking

Is there a bloodthirsty creature that has been wandering the land? This movie was shot in 1979, where most of the heroines survive at the end.

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Bonnie, Clyde and their infamous Barrow gang set out on a mission to save Clyde's brother, Buck from a group of unknown criminals. Written by Humberto Amador.

the howling 1981 imdb walking

Sophia Sarah Rose Denton... Plot Keywords.

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Parents Guide. It had all those surprising scares from time to time and also a perfect ending.

the howling 1981 imdb walking

William 'Bill' Neill. Some people have commented that The Howling is a dumb movie that doesn't make sense. The first movie to bring a twist to the old Lon Chaney's tale. Halloween Movie List. I totally got this element of the story and therefore realized it was a metaphor for the beast, or monster that lies within us all.