Rechuuk when im away lyrics

Nukunuk non christ 8.

The song was almost their whole live-story of their relationship and traveling between Chuuk and Guam till the day she issued him the divorce paper... Teling Olem not sure who wrote that song, but it's off the hook! Now that's something! Tihwon Poakopom Dano Benian 10. Musika Aki and Ozeky 5.

rechuuk when im away lyrics

Lonely Nights Kiblas 8. Mu Tarag Mu Tarag.

Top 10 Best Micronesian Songs EVER

If some of the songs you like had already been listed, please feel free to rewrite them on your list too. I got another one for you then, "uhdahn imauhki nuhk," ehhh, i dont know all the words.. There is this pohpeian song I really like, Serepein, mehnlau kido ohm sarmada. Black Roses.

rechuuk when im away lyrics

Bom Soro 5. Nemin Nemin 7. October 2010 edited October 2010.

Angie E. Aisek, shame on u...

rechuuk when im away lyrics

Tokai Message Tokai. More on the rock'n'roll styles, not the singing lullabies. Sleepless Nights by: One Way Ticket by: Ozeki all the way!!

"Sleepless Nights" lyrics

Careless Love by: Best Micronesian ever and I don't see Johnny B, something wrong here or we just don't care 'bout them oldies. He spelled his name out for you yet you mispell it.

rechuuk when im away lyrics

But list down your songs. Nimwu Seken by: Best in micro!

rechuuk when im away lyrics

Tokai, True.