How to use yarn in your hair

The process of creating dreads can take on several forms and for this writing I will write about four types of yarn dread styles.

The pros and cons of using yarn/wool in hair

I highly suggest nixing any ideas of burning wool and stick to rubber bands. Instagram Facebook Twitter Tumblr.

how to use yarn in your hair

When you first hear about it, it sounds pretty out of the box, right? The most time-consuming part isn't unraveling the braids — it's restoring the scalp and hair that's been covered. Cut the thread or yarn to the desired length.

how to use yarn in your hair

Issues I had with box braids such as dry scalp, itchy scalp and scalp pain are non existent. Part 1 My Henna Story: Skip to main content.

I Tried Yarn Braids For The First Time & Learned A Lot About The Protective Style

Fortunately I was only uncomfortably damp for about four hours, and the braids weren't that heavy at all. Since my braids took about nine hours, I was not trying to unravel before week one so I reluctantly purchased tiny brown and black rubber bands to protect my hair.

how to use yarn in your hair

Funky clips, flowers, and styles are super easy in yarn braids which makes the style super versatile. This was actually another benefit to having yarn braids for me since I'm always cold, but I could certain see how it might be a negative for someone who runs hot.

how to use yarn in your hair

This tutorial assumes you know how to do a basic braid. Men and women put their hair in a variety of styles and even colorways to make ourselves look and feel better. Yarn braids hairstyles are definitely en vogue, especially as yarn braids can retain a lot of moisture for a long period of time. Finish off each end. Thanks Riva with a V for this helpful tutorial!

How to Make Yarn Braids and Yarn Dreads

Recently, however, one of my closest friends called me out on my fear of the hair unknown, saying, "You don't deserve all that hair. Something as simple as taking a bit of hair, braiding it with yarn and pulling it back with a barrette lets your flair for color shine on through. Step One: