How to stop dog diarrhea yahoo answers

how to stop dog diarrhea yahoo answers

Two other over-the-counter medicines can be given to dogs with diarrhea: Existing questions. I'm not sure what it does but it helps it become more solid!

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Puppies that are unvaccinated, or have not yet completed their vaccination series are most susceptible to this disease that attacks and kills the cells in the intestinal lining.

Make sure she drinks plenty of water, as she will be very dehydrated.

how to stop dog diarrhea yahoo answers

Have you changed food lately? My girlfriend has a 8 month old puppy.

My dog has continuous diarrhea?

Steven Roose Steven Roose 730 1 6 15. It is normal for dogs of both sexes to vigorously kick the ground with their hind legs after defecating. Answer Questions My left calf --racketball size boil-burst-drains constantly-i clean-stik finger inside up to middle knuckle to clean old nasty-stinks-no Dr!?


Thank you to those who gave productive answers. Yes No. Works for cats too.

how to stop dog diarrhea yahoo answers

Dogs scrape the ground in order to increase their scent on the area near the feces pile, according to veterinarian Dr. Diet changes, a dog getting into the trash, and getting car sick are among the most common causes of vomiting in dogs. Depending on the location of the blockage, fecal-like matter may be vomited, while in other situations the vomit may be only bile.

Just wanted to add it so you don't get confused.

How to stop my dog's diarrhea?

On Wiki Answers I found this answer: Here's more info: Another take that's similar to the previous one is this one from Dogster: You're in!

Has had diarrhea for four days.? She is a Chi X Yorkie! That fact makes this answer quite more likely than the previous one. If your vet doesnt know, the it could or could not be a problem.

how to stop dog diarrhea yahoo answers

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