How to sew on a zipper pull

Zipper pull-tab {Tutorial}

And it looks great too! Thank you again Diane. Actually, I have a favourite cardi that needs one the original zipper pull came off.

how to sew on a zipper pull

Your email address will not be published. Instead, cut it up and turn it into something wonderful. That way they take the hit for the download instead of you. Subscribe to: As you can see below, I start and end my stitching 1 cm from the ends.

how to sew on a zipper pull

Fussy Cut Zipper Pull Tabs. This is simply because I like to cut the ends diagonally, but you can start and end right at the edges. It doesn't come with instructions. These simple tabs are attached to the end of your zipper tape and are extremely simple to make.

how to sew on a zipper pull

Now, I know your creative wheels are turning and your itching to make a few zipper pouches. Perhaps you might consider a having a manicure first if you plan to photograph yourself doing this...

10 Creative Zipper Pull Tabs | DIY Friendly

A better option than a ribbon, in my opinion, is to use a half-round or flat leather lace. These are other options also where we could used the zipper pull rings. These creative zipper pull tabs are the perfect way to spice up an simple zipper pouch project. Sur le blog News Patterns Sewing tips Tutorials. Backstitch at beginning and end of stitchline.

Just fun things that can make your sewing life easy- peasy! Easy Leather Pull. You know they'll be going on every bag I make from now on well, the ones with zips.

how to sew on a zipper pull

Oh thank you soo much for these instructions...