How to prevent breakouts after shaving

Steam opens up pores, allowing you to clean out oil and residue that can cause breakouts. Razor bumps are largely caused by a razor cutting the follicle just beneath the surface of the skin.

how to prevent breakouts after shaving

We explain the sneaky ways in which your morning shave routine can causing you to break out in painful red bumps. A shaver can pick up different bacteria in between uses and transfer them to your skin during shaving.

With new, clean blades, the right products, proper shave prep and shave technique, you can get a perfectly smooth shave that shows off your chiseled jaw.

how to prevent breakouts after shaving

Method 3. If you are having problems with frequent acne, then you may also consider asking your doctor about a prescription shaving cream that contains benzoyl peroxide or an antibiotic that you can apply to your skin.

Get Pimples After Shaving? Here’s The Solution

Acne or Razor Bumps? Then, wring out the excess water and place the towel over your face and neck. This will of course make for an easier cut on the hair follicle when the razor glides across your skin. If you want to get in touch with us, drop us a line on the contact page or via social media. When men use their hands to apply shaving cream to their face there are a couple of things going on.

Instead, a shaving brush is design to not only generate a rich lather that is going to be favored by your razor blade, but it will help to provide a gentle exfoliation to the surface of your skin.

Can You Get Acne from Shaving? A Guide to Prevention.

As with many things, the best cure for acne after shaving is prevention. Using a warm moist towel on your face and neck before you start shaving may help to prevent acne.

These ingrown hairs can irritate the hair follicle and result in redness and swelling.

how to prevent breakouts after shaving

Consider isotretinoin. Give yourself a hot towel treatment before you shave.


Fortunately, there are alcohol-free brands like Thayer's Compare Prices. Also, if you use any products on your beard, watch out for any ingredients in them that might irritate the skin underneath.

how to prevent breakouts after shaving

A Guide to Prevention. Generally speaking, aftershave balms are great to incorporate into your shave routine given its multifunctional use.

Are These Pimples After Shaving?

Derived from the North American witch hazel shrub , this product when found in an aftershave balm, has properties of being a natural astringent and anti-inflammatory.

Clean with an alcohol wipe. If your blemishes appear soon after shaving, the following could be to blame:.

how to prevent breakouts after shaving