How to change light glove batteries r

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Demo Loop was the perfect addition! With every new glove set we make, Futuristic Lights pushes the boundaries of what's possible.

how to change light glove batteries r

Entry level lights tend to be affordable, but you don't get very many features or modes. Equip yourself with lights that will perfectly capture the softness of a color while maintaining the brightness needed to perform a show. Whether you're just starting out as a Glover, or an expert Orbiter, you will feel at home as a flow artist with these lights!

The Ions use CR1225 coin cell batteries which can be purchased here. We love the Randomizer so much, we even used it to create our default color sets! Join Our Mailing List. Futuristic Lights.

how to change light glove batteries r

Revamped Chip to Chip Communication 1. The Randomizer: When using the Ions, the brand new Randomizer lets you generate random color sets for any of the 8 Flashing Patterns.

Once you like a specific color set, simply use Chip to Chip Communication to send the programming over to the rest of your lights. Just like our previous releases, these lights introduce groundbreaking features companies have never dared to try before!

how to change light glove batteries r

It's as simple as clicking over to the pattern you wish to change, entering Randomizer mode, and clicking until you find what you love! These patterns were hand-picked by our very own sponsors to create the best light show performance possible right out of the box! The Ions come with some of our most popular flashing patterns we've designed over the years.

how to change light glove batteries r

The tremendous amount of love from the other flow arts and LED Orbit communities pushed us to want to create something special. What's In The Box?!

Ion C2C LED Glove Set

Flashing Patterns Modes: You can turn it off by simply clicking the button. Take a look at below at the full list of features, and if you look closely you'll notice there are some new special additions that not even our top of the line products have!

So, what can the Ion do?