How to braid letters into friendship bracelets

Same as with every bracelet, the first row might be a little difficult, you can use a clothes peg to hold it in place.

how to braid letters into friendship bracelets

Easy to follow and looks great. How come my when I use the color to make the letter, those knots aren't as tight? This video describes the method of creating a "Flip Flop Candy Stripe" friendship bracelet using 4-8 strands of string and a clipboard.

how to braid letters into friendship bracelets

Ever want to have a friendship bracelet with your own personal saying on? What better way to tell someone you made something especially for them than personalizing it?

This video will show you a demonstration of the w... The diamond pattern is created with a series of simple knots r... When doing alpha patterns, you need to make sure that that your knots are properly tightened, especially when you're making the knots with your back strings afterwards.

If you want to try and make one of your own, just watch this two-part video tutorial on how to make a square-patterned bracelet. I will try to explain the specific procedure on this ninja keyring pattern 208.

how to braid letters into friendship bracelets

A cursive L 6. What happens when you're not tightening your knots enough is that your bracelet can twist and won't have nice edges. I need to use my background color to make four forward knots. Really helped a lot especially the blue and pink markered drawing.

Put Letters in Friendship Bracelets

First, grab eight different colors and arrange them all spaced out. Other product and company names shown may be trademarks of their respective owners. Repeat this process until you have completed about five rows.

how to braid letters into friendship bracelets

The leather strap is a nice rustic addition to the pendant of your choice. Another row starts with 3 black backward knots, then 3 orange forward knots, then 3 black backward knots, then 2 orange forward knots, and lastly 3 black backward knots. I made another row of knots because my row wasn't straight after first row because I tied it tightly over the key-ring.

Alphabet Patterns

Proceed to make forward knots on the rest of the strings. And a vid tut. I've tried making one but it's for something special and I can't get it to look right and am thinking I'd be better off buying it lol. In this tutorial, learn how to tie an 'alpha pattern' onto your woven bracelets.

Prepare 14 orange strings for your back string or choose your color , and one black full string don't cut it, use the whole embroidery floss! How to Begin a Friendship Bracelet The first step is to make a few rows.