How to beat shade master kiryn wow

how to beat shade master kiryn wow

Hope this helps! Your Turnip should win, but might die - not too much of a hassle if either happens.

Shademaster Kiryn

When it does, Unborn Val'kyr will come back. When he comes back, finish him off with Turnip with Sunlight or Tidal Wave. First post. Ironbark will block turret damage If Nairn is still alive finish him with 1 hit of ironbark Summer enters the battle: Dread Hatchling: Turn 4.

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He will swap to cat pet. Please review our Screenshot Guidelines before submitting!

how to beat shade master kiryn wow

Spam Missile. Lastly, pull out your Lil' Rangaros or Fel Flame. Comment by Cloudblueyes I used the following setup and it worked pretty well!

how to beat shade master kiryn wow

Some instructions are more difficult to follow than others. Let the Waveling Soak this combo, once it dies, use any pet with mech abilities, preferably Menagerie Guardian or any mech with Ion Cannon. You can find great detailed videos for all the Grand Masters and Celestial Tournament opponents at www.

PTR Live Classic. That's exactly what you might find in this strategy! Comment by alexsaur Two pet strat, works pretty well!

how to beat shade master kiryn wow

Deep Freeze Nairn has already called Blizzard Round 4: Summer should be at half health or less. For anyone wanting yet another less elegant solution I offer the following: Iron Starlet: BTW rare crimson geode at 25 is faster than Nairn, who has power 413 and speed 272.

By further browsing you consent to such use. Giants Blood heals and increases damage Round 2: Oops, I used the core hound pup against Blingtron's piggy. She starts with Nairn, a humanoid, and there are 2 main problems with the fight: