How to be djent steve terreberry band


We've featured one of his videos on the site before, the Mario Bros. Theme Gone Djent. I feel a lot of people are going to pay close attention to this to see how it does and if it succeeds, you bet your ass labels will be on Youtube hunting for the next viral metal sensation.

how to be djent steve terreberry band

And, if Artery doesn't make it's money back, all it basically lost is the advance fee and promo charges. It's safe to say the kid knows how to make a video go viral. He's a one man band, so there isn't much overhead. Share on Facebook Share on Twitter E-mail.

how to be djent steve terreberry band

That's a lot of views. Steve Terreberry aka "Stevie T" is a self-professed metal comedian.

Stevie T Premieres "Djenstrumental" Playthrough Video — Exclusive

Stevie seems to have a decent operation going on his own, so recording costs will be low. Subscribe to Metal Injection on. It's honestly not a bad deal for either side, depending on how much money is being invested.

how to be djent steve terreberry band

Posted by Robert Pasbani on November 13, 2014 at 1: Sponsored Links from Around the Internet. Stevie has been racking up Youtube subscribers, with over 88k currently and has at least seven videos that cracked 400k views, with one that cracked a million. Artery Recordings are hoping those views translate into record sales, as they have announced a deal for Stevie T.