How does elk meat taste like

Antelope season typically falls from August through October, when air temperatures make it tough to cool a critter quickly.

how does elk meat taste like

When you do kill an antelope, get it opened up as quickly possible and pull that hide. And after the shot, you spend another 20 minutes trying to get the perfect shot and come up with a good caption for your Facebook post.

5 Reasons Your Game Meat Tastes Gamey

I promise. More Stories. Normally rational humans who would never think to order an expensive rib-eye in a steakhouse anywhere past medium-rare okay, medium , turn their precious butterflied backstrap steaks into charred, gray wafers then complain about them being tough and livery.

I also shot a small bull moose that was tough as nails and a doe during the peak of the rut that stunk to high heaven.

how does elk meat taste like

You Overcooked It This is probably the No. Why handle those stinky things at all and risk transferring that smell on to your meat. Then walk around with your phone in the air until you get enough bars to post it.

how does elk meat taste like

Not as good as younger animal, but still good and not gamey. View the discussion thread. Still, odds are the older the animal, the greater the chances the meat will be less than ideal.

Elk Meat Benefits

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how does elk meat taste like