Flashforward lost actors where are they now

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flashforward lost actors where are they now

Abrams for a mystery role in Star Wars: David was also present to welcome the return of his son, Hurley, as he landed in Honolulu.

Most recently he had a small role in zombie film "World War Z.

What the cast of Lost looks like today

He was a co-pilot responsible for delivering the Oceanic Six to a base located in Honolulu, he was traveling in the cockpit with the Pilot, along with Karen Decker. After that, the show would be forever altered by this additional layer of intrigue and mystery, as Cusick's role rapidly increased in size and importance. Emerson also took over voicing duties for the animated version of the Joker in "Batman: While we're still not clear on everything that happened on the island — the smoke monster and the four-toed statue — we do know what happened to the survivors of Oceanic Flight 815 long after the show's end.

Dominic Monaghan was perhaps one of the most well-known actors on "Lost. Harold Perrineau.

Flashforward Characters

The Wrath of Khan. After Sun goes into labour, she attempts to get to the hospital.

flashforward lost actors where are they now

Flight Attendant Portrayed by Kathleen M. In 2004, ABC unveiled a trippy, mind-bending show about the survivors of a plane crash stranded on a mysterious island.

flashforward lost actors where are they now

A fresh take on sports: Sayid Jarrah Portrayed by Naveen Andrews Sayid denies any possibility of any remaining survivors at the press conference, and afterward is reunited with his former love, Nadia. Ian Somerhalder doesn't survive beyond the first season of "Lost," but his death did leave a large impression on the show by ratcheting up the level of danger on the island.

She's expected to appear briefly in Avengers: His dizzying turn as Ben Linus on Lost pretty much cemented Michael Emerson 's status as an excellent and terrifyingly twisted baddie for the small screen he'd previously portrayed serial killer William Hinks on The Practice and Zep in Saw. Josh Holloway took on the role of Sawyer.

flashforward lost actors where are they now

Like many of her colleagues, Yunjin Kim has continued to thrive in small screen dramas as well as movies after her time on the island was done. None Cusick currently stars on CW's "The 100" as a resident of a space station orbiting a post-apocalyptic Earth.

Cusick was nominated for Emmy in 2006 for his portrayal of the character.