Fire mitigation how high trim pine tree

Creating fire safe zones around your forested homesite

Be sure there are no areas of continuous grass adjacent to the shrubs in this area. Smaller trees were turned into mulch. Home Guides Garden Garden Care.

fire mitigation how high trim pine tree

Any approved method of slash treatment is acceptable for this zone, including piling and burning, chipping, or lop-and-scatter. Colorado State University Cooperative Extension. Disclaimer and Reproduction Information: Accessed 27 February 2019.

However, they may be permitted to a depth of 3 inches. Create a separation between trees, shrubs and items that could catch fire, such as patio furniture, wood piles, swing sets, etc.

Sacrificing the Trees To Save the House

Remove all dead plants, grass and weeds vegetation. Keep grasses cleared away from propane tanks, or, ideally, locate tanks on gravel pads.

fire mitigation how high trim pine tree

Environmental groups, which have long fought clear cutting of forests, have surprisingly jumped on the mitigation bandwagon. To determine the proper vertical spacing between shrubs and the lowest branches of trees, use the formula below.

How to Prune (Not Kill) Trees and Shrubs

In Falls Creek Ranch and other communities there are now clean-up days, where neighbors and volunteers tackle the massive task of clearing brush and slash. In pine trees with a classic pyramidal shape, the bottom branches support those above them.

That left him with little money to hire a forester, so he began taking trees down himself. Take advantage of our Winter Water program to help valuable trees and shrubs grow and survive the winter.

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Continuous Juniper shrubbery grown in close proximity of your home is not recommended. The closer the proximity to zone 3, the higher number of unpruned trees that can be left in this zone. While pruning is generally not necessary in zone 3, it is a good idea from the standpoint of personal safety to prune those trees along trails and fire access roads.

fire mitigation how high trim pine tree

Quick Facts Wildfire will find the weakest links in the defense measures you have taken on your property.