Doctor who timelash review times

Timelash: Doctor Who classic episode #13

Every word drips with evil glee of the most theatrical sort without overexaggerated physical acting like Colin. Notify me of new comments via email. By the end, we're just working off that checklist, melodrama and bickering for the sake of it. Did I miss something?

Paul Darrow is tremendous fun, choking on scenery as the villainous Tekker "Save your breath for the Timelash, Doctor. His time at the helm started well but declined fast as that relationship with Saward worsened. He more or less assaulted Peri on arrival, and spent most of his tenure as a grumpy and superior know-it-all in a stupid coat.

doctor who timelash review times

It goes out of its way to pick up Wells and to drag him into the plot. Timelash is pretty much a case in point.

The ugly: Did the Borad invent it? The makeup looks spectacular in the context of such an ugly-looking serial, and Ashby plays it with a quiet menace, an ideal counterpoint to Darrow's hysteria. It is one of the nadirs of 80s Who, and stinks to high heaven, but it isn't exactly dull. Acting wise Colin Baker is fine but the 6th Doctor is showing the same argumentative, pompous and patriarchal behaviour that he showed in his first story equally poor The Twin Dilemma and not having an endearing Doctor is a big minus.

The Borad plans to bring about the deaths of all the Karfelons by provoking a war with their neighbours, the Bandrils, and repopulate the planet with creatures such as himself, starting with Peri.

doctor who timelash review times

It is useful to have a look at why some things went wrong, and to find out why Timelash has earned itself such a bad reputation. I have spoken to some of the other assistants and we all suffered from that problem. Glen McCoy. Final Thoughts.

Yet it constantly refers to the past. Being able to identify a photo of a companion who was a regular on the show a decade ago is what convinces the rebels to spare her. However, like everything else, Timelash bungles it.

doctor who timelash review times

Weird, bizarre and generally botched. The time corridor goes back in time, never forwards.

doctor who timelash review times

I used to work with a guy who looked like the Borad, facially. Television Tagged: Posted by Joe Ford at 03: There's far too much superfluous gumf, not least of which being gratuitous fan-pleasing canon. Davies had the Tenth Doctor act this way towards Martha at the start of the third season, although not quite as overtly.