Doctor who series 7 new opening titles

The 1996 TV movie eliminated the use of the Doctor's face in the title sequence although it did use an extreme close-up of the Master 's eyes instead , instead introducing the practice of crediting the lead actors over the opening theme -- something that was never done in the 1963-89 series.

54 years of ‘Doctor Who’ opening title sequences revisited

A close-up of the Master's eyes follows. The Doctor Who logo has also changed, where it receives a texture that changes to reflect an element of the following episode e.

doctor who series 7 new opening titles

When it fades in, the camera starts a small distance away from the tunnel of gears, passing a few by themselves before entering the tunnel. This sequence received many one-off modifications during its usage.

Title sequence

Cancel Save. Although similar to the 1967-69 version, only now given a red hue, a more tunnel-like howlround is employed. The Doctor Who logo then forms, and zooms into the screen. James Comtois. The episode number, in a return to the old style, is now superimposed over the first scene of the episode. Elisabeth Sladen is the only cast member to be credited in the opening and the only actor in the franchise to receive a "Starring...

Into the Spider-Verse Tag: Comics Tag: It begins with the Smith-era version of the TARDIS spinning through space into a midnight blue Time Vortex with purple accents, with streams of energy flowing out of a dark indigo centre.

TV Recaps Tag: Captain Marvel Tag: This article needs to be updated. Snowflakes appear in the second Time Vortex and the special guest credit for Nick Frost as Santa Claus is delayed until the sequence is nearly complete.

doctor who series 7 new opening titles

Also, the first scene begins immediately after the words form; after a few moments, they break apart; this effect is not seen in the 1963-67 version.

The light would then pulse forward a final time and reveal the liquid-like, multicolored time vortex. From The Pilot onwards, the clock gears, the gas and the first unwinding clock face have a blue hue, rather than the purple hue seen in Series 9.

Another small red line then travels across the bottom of the screen and the words 'Miracle Day' appear below the Torchwood logo in bold red letters.

doctor who series 7 new opening titles

A close up of Tom Baker's face appears, fading away to show the time vortex. Retrieved from " https: In Heaven Sent , Capaldi's name is held on the screen longer - as he is the only actor credited in the title sequence. On the foundation of the starfield from the 1980-84 sequence, a new one was constructed. When this title sequence was used in Christmas episodes, a wintry feel was given to the title sequence.

doctor who series 7 new opening titles