Diy doctor who fezzes

I've been wanting to make my own fez for quite a while, but just ended up buying a cheap one. Then do the same for the top of the fez. Attach the top piece of felt. Love them! The glossy side is usually the adhesive side.

diy doctor who fezzes

They possibly IT have has always been flat topped, tassel free. Doing so can prevent the the scissors from cutting at an angle and making the resulting felt piece too narrow or too wide. In this example, you would cut a piece of string 27.

The Perfect Dr. Who Fez and Mini Fez

Enjoy your fez and fly away in your Tardis! If there is a gap, you will have to do this step over. Awesome picture!

diy doctor who fezzes

This will work like a homemade compass and allow you to make a perfect curve that will match the size of your head. The bead kept planet from just sliding off the thread.

homemade fezzes and a Doctor Who party

Sew one end of the interfacing to the other Overlapping one side over the other by about a half inch. Pro Tip: You do not need to make room for any seam allowances for this part.

diy doctor who fezzes

Create a loop of embroidery thread. Your ad here, right now: This pattern piece will be used for the top of the fez. Try not to burn your fingers through the fabric.