Dana 60 death wobble when braking truck

dana 60 death wobble when braking truck

Does it make a differance with or with brake apllication possible wraped rotor when the brakes released less noticable with slight or low brake application you feel it. As promised here is my update to my situation with the front end shake. A new set of tires.

dana 60 front end shake when braking....

Rick, I've seen the death wobble on 4wd GM's and Fords with the Dana 60, but that doesn't mean it can't happen on any frontend.

Discussion in ' The Garage ' started by xpndbl3 , Mar 13, 2013. I know how it is though, noticed when I came home today my driver's front hub and rim were overly warm. I run 40" rubber crossover steering and just ONE stabilizer.

dana 60 death wobble when braking truck

Ok here is some research for y'all. Pop 'em tires off and take a look. September 23, 2014, 12: It gets so bad that the whole truck shakes around the same speed as you describe. Nov 2008 Member 122868 Posts: Trackbacks are On.

Dana 60 Death Wobble

Tight as the bark on a cherry tree. Pingbacks are On.

dana 60 death wobble when braking truck

Hi Thanks for the suggestion Wade,i did check them when i did the front brngs and u joints,they seemed tight,mabey i should take the covers off and check them anyway.

No, create an account now. Oct 2000 Member 1919 Location: Mine had visibly leaked fluid, so that was a pretty easy call. I agree with Chris and also advice such has Dave GMC Driver is take it to a shop that has a good align tech , getting good align is sometimes hard to do the person running the machine needs to understand 1 the cust problem but 2 understand how to use the machine.

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