Corolla hesitates when cold wont

User Tag List. Start car in garage, outside temp 35-40 degrees. One of the auto parts stores tried to scan for an error code in the computer and found only a misfire in cylinder 2 recorded.

corolla hesitates when cold wont

You can store important items in your glove box to keep them safe by locking it. It seems like when I first start the car in park , it idles fine. I have changed coil packs, spark plugs, MAF and O2 upstream sensors, and added a fuel injector cleaner.

How to fix bad cold starting VVT-i engine Toyota Corolla

Experiencing severe hesitation when starting up from a stop and when accelerating while at lower speed. Get on freeway via clover leaf onramp, coming out of clover leaf curve at 35-40 MPH I then get on it and it hesitates as if the engine will stall no power.

That is why your car struggles to start if solenoid is broken or worn out.

Q: Car has a starting problem 2006 Toyota Corolla

So the car seems to run fine, after changing out duel filter and strainer. Maintenance Tips. Checked the code, 0171 lean bank1. Obinna says 4 months ago.

corolla hesitates when cold wont

Any ideas? The statements expressed above are only for informational purposes and should be independently verified. Checking process is simple, you just test whether there is power flowing from battery to starter. Car leaking oil, oil blows out of dip stick tube by Lauren H.

I have been very impressed with this little car.

corolla hesitates when cold wont

You just press open the latch on the glove box to access items inside. But when I first apply gas, it almost stalls out. Thanks so much!

Hesitation and pulsing throttle

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