Change owner unix chown operation

Email Required, but never shown. Maybe checking ACLs is an option? You can find out which groups you belong to using the following command:.

Linux chown command

Change the owning group of file2 to group othergroup. Ask a question and PJ will respond to you. I get: File type: To use chown , a user must have the privileges of the target user.

Basic Linux Permissions part 4: Changing permissions and owners

Related 6. You should use chown when you want a file's user or group permissions to apply to a different user or group.

change owner unix chown operation

If it was modified over a year ago, this field would list the year instead, for instance 2015. Either may be omitted, in which case a match is not required for the other attribute. I do realize that it should be able to be done with: If the current directory contains four files named file1 , file2 , file3 , and file4 , all these files' names are passed to the chown command, and their owners changed to user hope.

How to Change File Ownership & Groups in Linux

She can change the file's group ownership with chown , but only root can use chown to change the owner to someone else. SandroDzneladze nope, you need to have the same user ID as the user you want to chown to.

change owner unix chown operation

The change takes place in a subshell , and persists until the subshell is closed. The following options modify how a hierarchy is traversed when the -R or --recursive option is specified. User permissions. Change the owner of file1 , file2 , and file3 to user hope.

change owner unix chown operation

If myfiles is a directory, chown will recursively -R search that directory, and change the owner of all files, subdirectories, and subdirectory contents. Probably the file has the immutable flag set in its extended attributes: Name of owner. These access rules are called permissions. While trying to help a user solve an issue with a bootable USB drive, there seems to be a file that is set so its ownership cannot be edited.