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Today, one of the main features of the Messianic movement in Israel is that believers speak modern Hebrew and use Hebrew in prayer and worship.

Whether Jesus spoke Hebrew or Aramaic was, and still is, a subject of debate. And while the Talmud was written in Aramaic, the Mishna was written in Hebrew. The question is whether Hebrew was still a spoken language in the time of Jesus. Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek. But after the destruction of the temple in AD 70 and the Bar-Kochba uprising in AD 135, most of the Jewish population in the land was forced into exile, and Hebrew slowly ceased to be a spoken language.

Did he use Aramaic, as has been claimed by most scholars, or did he speak Hebrew? It is the first time in history that a language which ceased to be spoken in ancient times has come back to life.

The Hebrew of the Mishna is not an artificial language which would have been used only by a scholarly elite; it is a kind of colloquial Hebrew. We cannot be sure what language Jesus spoke; perhaps he spoke both Aramaic and Hebrew.

The movement is becoming more and more native.

What Language Did Jesus Speak?

The Bible was written in three languages: But what language did Jesus speak? Aramaic was the lingua franca in the Middle East in the time of Jesus. He had a dream for the awakening of the Hebrew language, and his dream came true. The people of Israel have Hebrew, the language of the fathers and the prophets, as their official language.

But we do know that most of the followers of Jesus in Israel today speak Hebrew.

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Hebrew Amen Matt 6: The earliest history of the Hebrew language is shrouded in mystery. Hebrew—and not only Aramaic—was probably a spoken language at that time. Aramaic Abba Rom 8: