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I still don't know about Desi. Maybe this episode will be different. And Desi will just be with Mac majority of the time since she is going to possibly be with him during every mission.

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Would love to see this... The one thing I was curious about was why did Mac and Matty only tell Riley about the classified information. I know they talked in the first episode, but Desi hasn't been dismissive with her yet like Mac and Bozer in the past episode.

I wonder if they may have a connection to Riley? The thing that stands out is Cage used to question Mac, flirted, and always needed saving. Was that a clue? Maybe as a way to get Riley to join him and quit the Phoenix? They read each other well. I mean Desi did get shot in the first 10 minutes she was on the mission, so…. I agree Murdoc and Walsh forgot who Walsh is ahaha is too obvious. Yet, it was the thing that helped save her when she got caught by the men.

This last episode didn't have any in your face moments like that and I liked it better, but I think it will change.. This may be out there, but what about Billy?

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I think Murdoc and Walsh are too obvious and Peter is going to want to surprise us. I feel like the rest of the team will find out about it next episode?.

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I would love to see a scene between Riley and Desi with Riley putting Desi in her place. I wasn't happy with the dismissive nature to Mac about his feelings, to Bozer with the lab, and calling Riley tech support.

They could bring in a new character who possibly has a vendetta against Riley. Page 1 of 1156. I agree with your analysis.

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Interesting theory. Anonymous asked: Peter could always change it if fans start to like her. I remember one being when Riley was looking at video footage of her conversation with Elwood in the park, and she was trying to determine if he was lying and Cage came in to help. They thought maybe this was a way out for her character if fans didn't like her sort of like Thornton.