Where is kool aid headquarters

Birthplace of Kool-Aid

Before the 2012 renovation. Edwin Perkins didn't move to Hastings until he was 31, didn't invent Kool-Aid until seven years later, and then moved his company to Chicago four years after that.

where is kool aid headquarters

Perkins was one of the first to market his product using premiums. Latest News. Husker Sports Everything Huskers just for you.

where is kool aid headquarters

Half of the exhibit is devoted to Perkins' inventions and business in Hastings. Kool-Aid has become a standard of childhood.

There were cleaning products and beauty aids. When Perkins began selling the product in 1927, it was called Kool-Ade. Worldwide, people recognize and drink Kool-Aid. Whether a person was a devotee of cherry, grape, lemon-lime or some other flavor, virtually anyone can agree that the drink mix played an important role in summer fun. A foundation created after his death has continued to contribute to Hastings and other towns important to the Perkins family, helping to fund a library, a retirement home, a music hall and a hospital.

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where is kool aid headquarters

Trip Planning Caution: Find Hotels Near: Manage your lists. But it was born here nevertheless, and Hastings deserves recognition for it. Stories, reports and tips on tourist attractions and odd sights in Nebraska.

where is kool aid headquarters

It was a convenience people didn't want to pay for, so it didn't sell well. Save to My Sights. Edwin actually sold a lot of franchises to bottling companies to make liquid Kool-Aid," Hodson said. Premiums are still used in Kool-Aid's marketing today. Museum staff was able to work with Kraft to obtain much of the memorabilia in the exhibit. Kraft Foods Inc. I need some Kool Aid Days merchandise for gifts for friends who are moving out of stateā€¦ something to remind them of Hastings, etc.

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News Updates Get the headlines of the day right in your inbox. The Perkins family was also essential in putting the display together. Kool-Aid's history involves not only the brand changing hands, but also changing names.