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Jacques Cartier was given a recipe for an herbal tea made from white cedar bark by his Iroquois guides Domagaya and Taignoagny What disease did the tea prevent? The following year as a joint venture with the National Film Board of Canada, the Assembly of First Nations of Quebec and Labrador, and the Atikamekw Nation Council, she founded the Corporations of the Wapikoni Mobile and Video Paradiso - the ambulatory studios of video and music creations for Aboriginal communities and youth in disadvantaged urban outskirts.

Through their cultural pride and their voices, they bring hope for the future generations and honour their elders. Agona was avenging Donnacona.

Ambroise Vesac: God exists, and is the Creator. These hostages, however, were generally taken into the household of the respective chiefs and treated well. Igloo Lounge is the result of a mixture of the experiences, identities and musical tastes of its three members: Jan Pienkowski writes and performs with sounds which reflect his various experiences.

Anyonewho is worthy can merit reward in the afterlife. In 2004, he launched his album Shapatesh nuna. Apparently Domagaya intended to pretend to side with Cartier and salvage the relationship while leaving Taignoagny free to spread rumors and stir up trouble behind the scenes. This mobile inflatable hemisphere, which measures 18 metres in diameter, has an audience capacity of 350 to 400 people.

When Cartier returned in 1541, Agona was then the only chief remaining at Stadacona.

Domagaya (Don Agaya)

God is eternal. It was in any event towards this time that Donnacona, according to Thevet, died a Christian; and except for the little girl of ten years of age, his companions died about the same time. He was responsible for the creation and the setting-up of government policies in matters regarding the preservation and the development of Aboriginal cultures in Canada.

Why were you born? Georges Sioui is a polyglot, an international conference speaker, a poet, an essayist and a songwriter. The St. Lawrence with Cartier.

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He is a specialist of dub rhythms performed using a didgeridoo. Since 1976, I have been an actor, a socially engaged poet of the art networks that function in parallel with the institutions and the contemporary resurgence of native Indian art". OK Cancel. Wary of these strangers and not at first recognizing their compatriots, who were probably attired in European dress, the Indians fled.

Smithsonian Institution , 1978 , pp. As they approached familiar territory, the two Stadaconans served as guides and pilots, imparting their knowledge of the coast and the St. So you can live.