What does pgl camp stand for

To many people, PGL will always stand simply for "Parents Get Lost" as they experienced their first stay away from home at a PGL centre and relished the independence and self-confidence it brought. What does PGL mean to you?

The PGL story

What's On Featured Events Mar 02. Sorry, we couldn't find anything related to your search. PGL takes its name from the initials of Peter Gordon Lawrence , the man who started the company 60 years ago.

what does pgl camp stand for

What was the best thing about your trip? Invest in women.

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Mar 03. A fitness routine everyone can squeeze in Read more. Come along and join in on some free community coast care activities with BeachCare and help preserve our coastal environment. As the company has been in existence for 60 years there are now grandparents from all over the world with happy memories of their PGL holidays, who have in turn seen their children and grandchildren follow in their footsteps.

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what does pgl camp stand for

The PGL story Where it all began. Read more about the PGL story. See more customer stories.

what does pgl camp stand for

Find me. Invest in the future Read more. Start Exploring. Tell us about your PGL experiences and memories.