What does btdubs mean in texting

That final 'W' is three whole syllables and, quite frankly, saying all three is a waste of precious teen time. A major contributory factor to teen speak is text and social media, and young people's need to get their meaning across with the minimum amount of typing and effort.

Definition of ion

Last edited on Feb 09 2018. Double is then shortened to dubs , because that's street. Great, I'm a top.

what does btdubs mean in texting

I'm not going to be pushy or anything, but i'm ready. Select sign. One such acronym is HFFA, meaning 'hot from far away' — the closer a person gets to you, the more unattractive they become. See a different horoscope: Ion know how to spell very well.

New dictionary of teen slang is totes awesome

If you're a teenager. Other terms relating to ' alternative spellings or pronunciations list of ': Some of the slang does mean exactly what it says — like the slightly convoluted 're-uninvite'.

what does btdubs mean in texting

See you at my place at 9? Alan Partridge. BT dubs. Average of 41 votes: It will be saved from deletion if legitimate citations are found.

what does btdubs mean in texting

Read the details here. A play on the acronymn for: If a teen says they're off to pop tags they may simply mean they're going shopping.

what does btdubs mean in texting

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