What are some anime like alice academy

Jang Geum's Dream add permalink. Aside from that, they both are dense in terms of love.

Both involve an academy where magic is the main subject. Primo Passo add permalink Both have a passionate girl n a cold guy who are in love.

what are some anime like alice academy

While there is no magic involved in Skip Beat! Shoujo Anime. There is a concept that those who are born with special powers are cursed to the life of being used by those who seek that power to use to further their own goals and these two series feature this.

6 Anime Like Gakuen Alice (Alice Academy) [Recommendations]

Then again, she can't decide. D it's about this girl, Maron, she goes to school like any other ordinary girl but at night, she's actually a thief that captures people's favorite items it's for good cause, really! Years ago, she used her pearl to save a boy called Kaito, and now she had to retrieve back.

Both series start off in the same way, with a girl who is in a rowdy class but then she challenges the leader and he ends up falling in love with her. Toaru Majutsu no Index add permalink.

If I remember correctly, both set of characters are in elementary school. Hikari is very similar to Mikan because she possesses a child-like innocence that makes her the pivotal piece amongst everyone else.

what are some anime like alice academy

Plots are obviously different, on a grand scale at least, but they are both pretty much idealistic replicas of the other if you're looking for that cutesy, shoujo romance that is expected. Though Gakuen Alice has powers, Kirarin Revolution doesn't. Shizuku and Haru are like the older versions of Mikan and Natsume in high school.

what are some anime like alice academy

It's sooo kawaii!!! Until one day, Kippei's cousin, which is 5 0. Both characters have trouble with controlling emotion that creates an element of comedy though in Ebihara's case, the output of her ability is directly connected to her emotional state.

I guess u could try Daa! These animes are both adventurious and mysterious.

what are some anime like alice academy

Both heroins, Mikan and Haruhi, are loved by a variety of different characters. I suggest you watch hamatora if you like the darker side of things.

And on her first day of work, a boy, Usui Takumi, found out. The protagonist of both anime s meets others, whether friend or foe and learn more about them, their powers, but most importantly, about themselves. A mysterious student with fire control ability.

what are some anime like alice academy

One big difference is that Guaken has a villain, which Kobato doesn't... Read recommendations by 1 more user.