What are mini petunias called

what are mini petunias called

Today's petunias offer enormous variety: Follow her on Google. Her published articles have appeared in various print and online publications.

what are mini petunias called

New hybrids are bred to take advantage of these traits, with latest hybrids displaying yummy colors like chocolate, wine or blueberry, and traits like double flowers or plants that are more compact or more trailing. Plant them outdoors around the same time you plant your tomatoes.

Calibrachoa, the Petunia Look-Alike

However, there are some standouts, like the buttery yellow "Prism Sunshine", that are so stunning they are worth the effort. It's lucky for me that I was wrong, because if they weren't petunias then maybe I had another chance.

what are mini petunias called

After all, gardening is all about second chances and makeovers, right? Retrieved from http: Potting mix will ensure the excellent drainage necessary for plant health, as million bells hate wet feet. Seed-grown-plants would be much cheaper to produce. Keep your plants from becoming heat stressed, which tempts spider mites. Move containers to a sunnier area if they're in the shade and begin producing long, weak stems. Apply a soluble balanced soluble fertilizer, such as a 10-10-10 blend, immediately after trimming.

Well, they may look like miniature petunias, and even be marketed that way, but calibrachoa are no longer in the same botanical genus as petunias.

How to Choose the Right Type of Petunia

You'll find lots of interesting shading and veining with these petunias. If the spent flowers are left on, the stems will grow long, but no new buds will form.

what are mini petunias called

The tiny flowers cover the foliage and Calibrachoa hybrids share the best traits of hybrid petunias: The flowers can be single or the more ruffled doubles. Her husband retired in October from America's favorite airline with enough travel benefits to fly Carrie nearly anywhere she wants to go. Petunias ruled until 1997 when Proven Winners licensed the up-and-coming million bells from its breeder, Sunstory Ltd.

Million bells foliage is bright green, oval-shaped, and compact. How about one that spills gracefully over the sides of your containers and hanging baskets , but has a dense trailing habit rather than a spindly one?

However, these colorful, bright plants will deliver more-than-average sizzle!

Calibrachoa -- have you tried them yet?

Petunia Group. If your million bells have light green or yellowish foliage, this is also a symptom that they need a nutrient boost or more sunshine. Supertunias are also weather-tolerant. Pinch back the growing tips of multiflora petunia varieties immediately after transplanting them into garden. Multiflora Petunia. Gardening Ideas.