Ventriloquist doll how to make

I then drilled small holes through them for the wire pivot to pass again, a length of coat hanger wire , epoxied at either side of the eyes and fixed inside the head with another two blobs of putty. When it was fully set I left it for about a week , I poured some boiling water into the pudding basin and left it for a couple of minutes to warm up the plasticine to make the demoulding easier.

The hands are joke Halloween scary hands from the pound shop.

How to Make a Ventriloquist’s Puppet

If I were doing it again I would also think about ways of casting the chin seperately. These were created by Figure Maker and Author, Al Stevens , for the benefit of budding figure makers everywhere.

The wig is fixed on with velcro fasteners, which means that I can easily change it for other headgear in future, as well as being able to get to the cover at the back of the head for any maintenance which will be needed when elastic bands and string need replacing. The cuts down the chin need to be parallel and fairly clean for the mechanism to work.

Screw and glue the box together. Recent Comments. Drill a small hole through the jaw and head. Tie the fishing line to the jaw eyehook.

ventriloquist doll how to make

Tie it loosely at first at the bottom to stop it falling out while getting the length of the string right. I got them as close to the profile of the pieces they were going to be fixed onto, then made sure it would all move properly and worked out by eye where the pivots should be before joining it all together with epoxy putty.

ventriloquist doll how to make

Finally for the main features , the ears were made out of plasticine, cast in plaster, then positives made in P40 fibreglass car body filler, and stuck onto the head with epoxy putty.

TheExterminatingDalek ishamsul Reply 5 years ago on Introduction. The ovals are then joined together with bits of metal curtain rod, measured against the clothes to get roughly the right height. Figure Making Info.

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William says: Over six months in creation. The build stalled early in 2012, but spurred on by the discovery of this site and not being able to find any other ventriloquist's dummies on here , I decided to resurrect him and share him with you all.

ventriloquist doll how to make

The mechanics of it is wonderful! To get them to look up and down I formed a triangle of two staples and a hook between either cheek and the centre of the mounting board, running an elastic band through them to hold the eyes open. I'm working on the voice throwing, did you check out the video on the last step?

How to Make a Puppet

I have no photos of the actual making of the head, but hopefully the diagrams and photos with pointy arrows I've put together will be clear enough to help you if you're tempted to make your own. This course will benefit beginners and experienced builders alike.

Ventriloquist's Dummy

I have also done it. Maher Ventriloquist Studios P. His teaching simplifies the necessary steps in figure making from start to finish. Mount the last eyehook in the bottom of the box. Drill a pilot hole, and screw in the eyehook at the bottom of the control rod.