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Nature Neuroscience 2015 18 2: We examined how enhanced spike timing at the level of the inferior colliculus IC in the midbrain might underlie efficient encoding of vocalizations compared to the cochlear nucleus CN , an earlier site in the ascending auditory pathway. Springer-Verlag; 2001. Synaptic excitation produces a long-lasting rebound potentiation of inhibitory synaptic signals in cerebellar Purkinje cells. The animal learnt the task and exhibited risk seeking behavior as previously reported [3].

Mutual Information between the modular partitions of the empirical and modelled functional networks.

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Our aim is to identify local or global topology features related to the critical G values. How effective delays shape oscillatory dynamics in neuronal networks. Primary neuronal cultures are among the experimental preparations that allow the investigation of the principles underlying the generation of such spontaneous coordinated spiking activity: A7nAChR action via the Gq pathway results in calcium release from the endoplasmic reticulum ER modulating cytoskeletal motility and structural growth [2—4].

Using this method, we find that the model can perform both linear operations on input signals —which is expected from previous work-, and —more surprisingly- highly nonlinear operations on input signals.

A previous study of a mean field model based on the human cortex network, shows at least 2 global neural states, with either a low or high firing rate pattern [1, 3].

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The results showed that the behavior of the complete system is the one expected under the hypothesis that the reward acts by modulating the action selection triggered by the input stimuli during motor learning. The result is a quantitative estimate of the number of different computations that can be carried out by the model.

In such a network, synaptic weights can be adjusted such that the network samples from a Boltzmann distribution p z [5]. Thus, the results presented here support the notion that alterations in precise spike timing may be an underlying driving factor towards reduced functional connectivity in schizophrenia, providing a new mechanistic model for disease pathophysiology. Complex network measures of brain connectivity: In addition, we estimate pair-wise correlations of spike counts.

26th Annual Computational Neuroscience Meeting (CNS*2017): Part 3

Nature 2000, 406: Neuro computational models represent a powerful tool for bridging the gap between functions of the neural circuits and observable behaviors [1].

The Phase Response Curve PRC of a neural oscillator measures the phase-shift resulting from perturbing the oscillator at different phases of the cycle.

The average clustering coefficient of the network decreases following the progressive degradation of the connectivity between brain areas.