Howard morrison quartet discography search

howard morrison quartet discography search

He was touring, still promoting New Zealand through the New Zealand Tourist Board, and introducing new talent at his shows. The constant pressures of touring and absence from families were beginning to tell on the Quartet. Ray Columbus: Vincent Aspey. RCA took advantage of this and released an album called 'Howard Morrison' from the show and it was a massive seller. Oswald Cheesman. Eventually these programmes were taking off so strongly that in 1979 Howard was appointed to the full-time position of Director Of Youth Development in Maori Affairs.

howard morrison quartet discography search

In the later part of 1964, whilst they were in the midst of a Sydney season, Howard suggested that it was time to end the Quartet. Add A New Artist. His son, Howard Junior, opened the show, and I felt like I was in a time warp. Fortunately these overtures were greeted favourably, and Howard was appointed as a consultant on youth development for the Department Of Maori Affairs.

There was pressure for a national reunion tour, but for the group, this was to be a once only nostalgia trip. Need We Say More?

Howard Morrison quartet

Watch the music video here https: The album was called 'Always'. With their reputation growing, Benny negotiated a recording contract with Eldred Stebbing at Zodiac. This was highly topical because of the huge controversy over Maoris not being allowed to tour South Africa with that year's All Blacks. The Quartet, topping the bill, played to 20,000 people at Western Springs Stadium and only a week later another 12,000 at Epsom Showgrounds.

The Howard Morrison Quartet

The group was called the Ohinemutu Quartet, but soon after they were renamed to the Howard Morrison Quartet. Biographies, ScreenTalk interviews and details of cast and crew from the NZ screen industry.

It contained magnificent versions of songs like 'Begin the Beguine', 'Granada' and a comedy routine called 'Howie the Maori'.

howard morrison quartet discography search

This work was part of the reason for him being awarded the OBE in 1976. During that year they released 13 singles, 3 EP's and 2 LP's.


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howard morrison quartet discography search

In 1959 Benny Levin took the Quartet on their first national tour, finishing with a full house at the Auckland Town Hall.